Compact Flash interface for PSR-2000

I have installed a module which allows me to use CF card instead of floppies to store files. It's much faster than floppy drive, more reliable, and it can hold up to 163 floppies on the 256MB card.

It was quite easy to install, here is information how to do it.

1. You have to buy the interface, also known as HDM2 or UniFlash:

2. Remove floppy drive cover:

3. Open the keyboard:

4. Disconnect power and signal cable from the floppy drive and connect it to HDM2:

5. Connect HDM2 with floppy drive using attached power and signal cords:

6. Place the external connector near the floppy drive:

7. Screw it all together and attach the control panel (used for switching banks on the CF card):

What is the best, you can also connect it to the computer and copy files (midi, style, registrations, etc.) directly to CF card.

It's really a great fun and very comfortable to use.