Q: I don’t have a credit card, how can I register?
A: You can send the money using PayPal service.

Q: What are the differences between licenses (editons)?
A: See the compare page.

Q: I cannot run MIDIcat on Windows 95/98, what should I do?
A: Make sure you have installed MDAC 2.5 or later. Then install MFC 6.0 library. If it still doesn’t work please contact support.

Q: How to activate a full version (how to enter the registration code)?
A: Select from the menu: Help | About MIDIcat; press Register, enter or copy license information into Owner and License fields and press OK. Answer Yes to the question about restart and run the program again. Once again select Help | About MIDIcat and make sure that in the Registered to field you can see a text “n-user Personal/Commercial license”.

Q: Does “Delete duplicates” also delete files from the hard disk?
A: Yes, it deletes files both from the database and from the hard disk.

Q: Does MIDIcat modify midi files on the hard disk?
A: No, MIDIcat doesn’t modify midi files, because it would be more difficult to detect duplicates. It stores modified data in its internal database.